Aegina Island

Aegina island is one of the Argo-Saronic gulf island and located south west of Piraeus the main port of Athens. Visitors to Aegina must arrive by boat but the journey is short (between 40 and 80 minutes depending on which boat) and an enjoyable part of your holiday experience.

Enter into the bustling port of Aegina town and drink in the view: a moon crescent harbour with fishing boats, fruit filled caiques and glamorous yachts. Once on Aegina you can enjoy island life but easily leave for day trips to Athens, other neigbhouring islands and the Peloponnese.


Those visitors who are excited by learning about history will be happy by what Aegina has to offer. The island has a special place in Greek mythology and history. The myth has it that the island took its name from the most beautiful of the twenty daughters of Asopos, the river god, who eloped with Zeus to the then deserted island. In historical terms, there is evidence that the island was inhabited from as early as 3500 B.C. In more modern times, Aegina was briefly the first ‘capital’ of modern Greece from 1827 – 1829.


Food and drink

One of the joys of travel is to experience local food and drink. If you are looking for one of the last remaining places on earth without a MacDonald’s restaurant then come to Aegina! Unlike many other Greek holiday destinations you will be glad to note the absence of bill-boards advertising ‘full English breakfast’ or ‘chicken schnitzel’. Snack on fresh fetta cheese and spinach pastries from the bakery and fruit from the caiques. A true delight is ouzo with mezedes or a cold beer in the sunny afternoon. Finally, finish your day by doing as the Greeks do and enjoy a late dinner in one of the fantastic tavernas. Salad, fresh fish, grilled meat ….


Ideal for the independent traveller

Arguably one of the main attractions of Aegina is that it is a real living and working island. Thankfully not a victim of mass tourism, Aegina is the perfect destination for the independent traveller who yearns to experience some reality of the country she is visiting. The island hosts mainly Greek weekend visitors. This simply adds to the charm.


Of course, many people choose to come to Greece for summer holidays to experience the beach and swimming in the sea. Aegina will not disappoint. There are several good sandy beaches on the island, one really good one in Vagia, from which you can delight in the clean and crystal clear waters. Beach life can be simply enjoyed by finding a quiet spot for you, your towel and book. Otherwise, grab a bed with umbrella somewhere more organised where drinks and snacks can be delivered to you whilst you recline.

How to get to the island

Piraeus is the closest port to Aegina island and the airport of Athens is the closest airport to Piraeus. The trip from the airport will take between 60 and 90 minutes, from Piraeus to Aegina by Flying Dolphin takes 40 minutes, the regular ferry takes around 75 minutes. So within 3 hours after collecting your bags at the airport, you could be on Aegina. Click here for a detailed description on how to get to Aegina is set out below.

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